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The Hummer XL is the upgraded version of the Tzora Titan scooter. Redesigned as a 4 wheel all terrain scooter, it has more stability than ever before. This scooter is meant for the long haul. It's design is catered to the more outdoorsy people but works just fine for indoor use. It easily separates into two pieces making it easier to transport when not in use. Scooters all over the country are designed with a center post for the seat to be attached. This becomes incredibly unstable on inclines due to the center of gravity. Tzora's easy travel scooters are designed with a four-post seat, this greatly improves your stability and safety with over a 45% increase in the scooter's stability. The folding design of the Hummer-XL gives you a portable vehicle that will take you anywhere you want to go. Even steep hills and inclines are no problem for the high performance Hummer-XL. With full suspension, large tires and 22" wide memory foam seat the high performance Hummer-XL delivers an amazingly smooth ride. The Tzora Hummer XL 4 Wheel Scooter offers excellent features, outstanding performance and plenty of flexibility on a types of terrain, making it a winner in the folding scooter category!

Tzora is the very LATEST line of Scooters to be added to the ScooterLink family of quality products improving your life!


  • Full Lighting Package
  • 22" Wide Memory Foam Seat
  • "Four Post" Seat Design for Greater Stability and Safety
  • Separates IntoTwo Pieces for Easy Transport
  • Operates Safely on Steep Hills and Inclines
  • Full Suspension
  • Delta Tiller
  • Halogen Headlight
  • Rear Basket with brackets
  • Free Flip-up Adjustable Arm Rest
  • Free Batteries Inlcuded
  • We also carry parts and batteries for the Tzora Hummer XL 4 Wheel Scooter


  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs (reduced range)
  • Maximum Speed: 7.5 MPH
  • Turning Radius: 42"
  • Ground Clearance: 5"
  • Range of Travel: Up to 19 miles
  • Overall Length: 55"
  • Overall Width: 24"
  • Seat Width: 22"
  • Seat Depth: 18.5"
  • Front Wheels: 10"
  • Rear Wheels: 14"
  • Heaviest Piece: 51 lbs.(Rear Frame)
  • Breaks Down: Into 2 pieces
  • Total weight with Batteries: 158 lbs.
  • Charger Type: Off-Board
  • Battery: 26 AH ( 2 )



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Standard Backpack (Add +$38.99)
12" Width X 13" Height X 3" - Straps to Scooter Seatback - Deep Spacial Single Compartment Bag - High Quality Water Resistant Polyester
Deluxe Backpack (Add +$64.99)
14" Width X 18" Height X 4" - Straps to Scooter Seatback (anywhere from 7"-21" thick) - Several Storage Compartments - High Quality Water Resistant Polyester
Cane Holder (Add +$30.00)
Cup Holder (Add +$30.00)
Car Charger (Add +$70.00)
Nylon Protective Cover (Add +$90.00)
Front Basket (Add +$78.00)
Monster Bag ( For Back of Seat) (Add +$30.00)
Scooter Coach (Add +$289.00)
Rain Poncho Winter Style ( available in four colors) (Add +$99.00)
Available in Hunter, Khaki, Black and Navy.
Rain Poncho Summer Style (available in four colors) (Add +$89.00)
Available in Hunter, Black, Khaki and Navy

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