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The Pride Silver Star Backpacker AVP is the desired choice for lifting your power wheelchair or scooter into one of the smaller Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) or mini vans. The Pride Backpacker AVP offers an adjustable platform which can move from 42"-34"  to work with your particular vehicle but only needs a headroom of 31". The Backpacker AVP features all-steel construction and a protective finish, along with an industrial rated 12 volt motor and an easy-to-use two button hand control. Other specialties of the Pride Backpacker AVP are adjustable wheel chocks which enables different sized mobility vehicles to fit securely and a manual override in case the battery in your SUV or van goes dead.  The Pride Silver Star Backpacker AVP comes with a wiring kit, but both multipurpose and standard battery packs are available as an option for even greater freedom.


  • Has an adjusttable platform (42"-34") which fits easily into smaller SUVs and mini vans
  • Fits into SUVs with a 31" opening height
  • Removable front panel for easier serviceability
  • Adjustable wheel chocks (to secure mobility chair) on the platform surface
  • New, angled low-profile platform
  • Easy-to-use two button hand control
  • 350 lb. weight capacity
  • Manual override (in case of dead SUV/van battery)
  • Maximum travel distance from the ground: 37"
  • 3- year transferable warranty
  • Optional Battery Pack: 12 volt, on-board
  • Optional Charger: 12 volt or 110 volt
  • Please ask us about extra discounts when purchasing a scooter or power wheelchair with this lift.
  • Scooter Link is an Authorized Pride Mobility Provider.  We offer repair & service on all Pride products for the life of the equipment.


  • Total Weight of Lift: 193 Lbs.
  • Lift Weight Capacity: 350 Lbs. with Class III Hitch
  • Overall Platform Length: 42" - 34"
  • Overall Usable Platform Length: 41" max.
  • Overall Platform Width: 28.25"
  • Overall Usable Platform Width: 27"
  • Foldable: Autofold electric
  • Motor: Sealed 12 volt DC
  • Warranty: 3-year transferable



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Battery Pack & Wiring

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Lift Installation

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Pride Battery Pack (Add +$280.00)
Pride Battery Pack • The addition of the power source eliminates the need for wires to be run from the lift to the automobile battery when installed, thus reducing installation time, cost, and complexity • All of Pride's power lifts have the option of selecting their own 12 volt power supply which easily recharges by plugging the unit into any standard wall outlet. Each charge lasts approximately 150 cycles* • Lifts may be wired to the vehicle's power supply upon request. • By using the battery pack option, the lifts can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another *Tested under ideal conditions using 325 lb. Scooter. Cycles per charge may vary depending on various factors such as scooter or power chair weight and climate.
Pride Mutli-Purpose Battery Pack (Add +$380.00)
Pride Multi-Purpose Battery Pack • Industry first and industry exclusive! • Easy installation • Integrated smart charging system, will not drain your vehicle’s battery • Charges the mobility device from the lift as you drive • No hard wiring, just plug into auxiliary power outlet • Trickle charge battery every time vehicle turns on • Converts vehicle’s 12v system to a mobility device’s 24v system
Pride In-House Charger (Add +$260.00)
Pride In-House Charger • Charge your Pride Lift Battery Pack in your home by plugging into a standard 120 VAC electrical outlet • Color changing LED shows when the Battery Pack is fully charged • Mounting base plate makes it easy to charge anywhere
Pride In-Car Charger (Add +$125.00)
Pride In-Car Charger • Charges most mobility products while driving through auxiliary port • LED indicator for charge status • Total combined harness length 12' NOTE: The In-Car charger is not intended to fully charge a depleted battery. The charger can only be used with units that have an XLR type charging port.
Pride Single Retractable Strap (Add +$65.00)
Pride 3-point Retractable Strap (Add +$180.00)
Heavy Duty Vinyl Travel Cover for Power Wheelchair or Scooter (Add +$178.00)
High quality cover protects your mobility device from the elements.

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