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The Palmer Industries Yardkart 3-Wheel Electric Scooter is a one hand operated vehicle that you can drive around your yard or neighborhood effortlessly. Steer it around the house, cut across the backyard, over the dirt path and head for the center of town or your favorite fishing place. Easy operation of the vehicle makes a pleasureable trip out of all your outdoor chores and errands. You'll drive places you only wished you could go before.

Shipping Included in the Continental USA!


  • One hand operation
  • Picture shown with optional dumping trailer
  • Now with Front and Rear Suspension
  • We also carry all PARTS for this scooter
  • Free Batteries
  • Proudly Made in the USA


  • Weight Capacity: 550 lbs.
  • Maximum Speed: 8 MPH
  • Turning Radius: 40"
  • Ground Clearance: 4.5"
  • Range of Travel: Up to 25 Miles
  • Overall Width: 35"
  • Overall Length: 72"
  • Seat Width: 35"
  • Seat Depth: 14"
  • Front Wheels: 16"
  • Rear Wheels: 16"
  • Heaviest Piece: 266lbs.
  • Break Down: Not Applicable
  • Total Weight With Batteries: 266 lbs.
  • Motor: 24 Volt DC
  • Seat to Floor Range: Lowest Setting 19"/ Highest Setting 23"
  • Warranty: One Year Parts Only Warranty- Customer Responsible for Labor
  • Gradability: 50%


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Yardkart Single or Double Seater

Battery Choice

Labor Warranty Options

Delivery Choice



Windshield (Add +$350.00)
Digital Speedometer (Add +$159.00)
Total & Daily Miles Computer
Rear View Mirror (Add +$40.00)
10 Cu. ft Trailer with Removable Tailgate (Add +$472.00)
Requires trailer hitch and bracket.
Trailer Hitch and Bracket (Add +$161.00)
Pin Type
Springs for Seat Tubes Set of 2 For under 200lbs. Capacity (Add +$39.00)
Touch Up Paint 3/4oz. (Add +$21.00)
Slow Moving Vehicle Sign (Add +$49.00)
Mounts on Rear.
Safety Flag 6' Fiberglass Pole with Fluorescent Orange Banner (Add +$41.00)
Beverage Can Holder (Add +$39.00)
Amber Strobe Light Rear Pole Mounted (Add +$252.00)
Security Lock 6' Cable with Lock and 2 Keys (Add +$40.00)
Spare Key Set (2) (Add +$14.00)
Trailer for Towing Vehicle Behind Auto ( Tilts and Folds for Storage) (Add +$2,072.00)
Locking Storage Box ( in place of basket ) (Add +$161.00)
Cover for Yardkart (Add +$139.00)
Detachable Arm Rests for Yardkart, Double Seater Only (Add +$233.00)
2" Lowered Single Seater Only (Add +$290.00)
8" Longer Platform (Add +$805.00)
Carrier for Manual Wheelchair (Detachable) (Add +$273.00)
Swivel Seat Locks in any Position (In-Place of Standard Seat) (Add +$278.00)
ordered with vehicle
Seat Belt for YardKart (Single Seater, Factory Installed) (Add +$108.00)
Seat Belts for Yardkart ( Double Seater) (Add +$216.00)
Factory Installed
Shock Absorbing Front Fork w/Cantilever Brake (Add +$368.00)
Surrey Top (Removable) Red & White OR Yellow & White Striped (Add +$595.00)
Red & White striped 188220132 Yellow & White striped 188220133
Wide Ramps Set of 3 6' Aluminum Ramps for loading Yardkart into Vehicle (Add +$801.00)
Aluminum Mag Front Wheel w/Drum Brake Front Wheels Set of 3 ( In Place of Standard Wheel) (Add +$465.00)
Personal Items Basket ( For Camera, Purse, etc... Fits under seat (Add +$77.00)
Tire Sealant ( Installed, Prevents most flats Set of 3 ) (Add +$89.00)
Seat Cover White Vinyl , Padded, Weatherproof, For Swivel Seater Only (Add +$138.00)
Black Transport Cover (Add +$273.00)
Brake Lever Extension (Add +$44.00)
Shock Absorbing Front Fork (Add +$368.00)
Deluxe Backpack (Add +$64.99)
14" Width X 18" Height X 4" - Straps to Scooter Seatback (anywhere from 7"-21" thick) - Several Storage Compartments - High Quality Water Resistant Polyester
Standard Backpack (Add +$38.99)
12" Width X 13" Height X 3" - Straps to Scooter Seatback - Deep Spacial Single Compartment Bag - High Quality Water Resistant Polyester
Rain Poncho Summer Style (available in four colors) (Add +$89.00)
Available in Hunter, Black, Khaki and Navy
Rain Poncho Winter Style ( available in four colors) (Add +$99.00)
Available in Hunter, Khaki, Black and Navy.
Large Front Basket (Add +$87.00)

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