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Happy Customer Testimonials

We've had many happy customers over the years, and some have taken the time to write us kind letters. As much as we appreciate our customers choosing Scooter Link as their medical equipment store, nothing beats knowing that we've had a positive effect on both their happiness and mobility. Below you will find a collection of our favorite kind letters.


I called and have delivery set for tomorrow 11-3. They wanted to schedule for the next day, but because I called so fast, they could fit me in tomorrow instead! Thank you so much for the alert and for everything you have done to help! I really appreciate it!

Wendy V.


Alex delivered the chair. As I thought, it didn’t go up my Van ramp but he fixed the suspension as you suggested and it works great! So far I’m delighted with the chair, with you and the transaction and with the service. I was sure I’d never have a good experience with a DME again but this has been an ideal transaction.

Michael in Florida


I would like to thank Andy for the excellent help and service in acquiring my new Amigo scooter. It arrived yesterday in excellent condition and I love it!

Virginia in North Carolina


Hi Andy:
One cannot help but have concerns when purchasing an electric lift chair online, sight unseen. Much simpler to actually sit in the chair, view the fabric choices and then make a decision. After much research, I decided on the Med-Lift Petite Full Sleeper Reclining Chair. So what prompts an individual to make this kind of online purchase? Scooter Link’s prices were competitive and fair but the determining factor was the professionalism, care and concern you exhibited throughout this process. From my first conversation with you through our many e-mails, you quickly and consistently responded to any questions I had, kept me posted with dates, tracking and delivery information. The personalized attention you provided me is indicative of an individual who really cares about providing excellent customer service. Not only before my purchase but during and after. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company and I would not hesitate to recommend Scooter Link and you as their representative. Thank you again for all your assistance.

Jackie in New York


The wheel chair was delivered yesterday about noon. I express how pleased I am. It is just like new, literally! I cannot find any evidence of wear (one slight 'rub' on the plastic cowling that goes over the drive mechanism. When I took the cowling off to 'look' it over, even the area underneath was just like new. The condition it is in (everyone in the family that has looked at thinks it is a new one until I explain how we obtained it), the functional check, the delivery ahead of requested schedule by 3 days (during a holiday period no less), your courtesy, professionalism, prompt answer to any questions, etc. let alone the outstanding price/value it is - all far exceeds our highest expectations. Be assured, we will be purchasing any items we may need for the chair or other medical products we need that you may carry from your organization. My mother-in-law has not seen it yet as she will not be released from the care center to her new assisted living facility until Friday, Jan 3 - she will be VERY pleased when she sees it. Thanks again for everything, I hope your New Year's Day was a nice one and that you have a VERY successful 2014. Larry

Larry in Arizona



Mary Jane in Alabama


Customer Service what did that phase mean to us baby boomers? Well it meant that someone actually considered us an important aspect of their business, we were the reason they were able to make a living for their families and their employees. Now, Customer Service is no longer respected or used everyone is just a number, and the vendors/owners just do not care about the customer anymore. With that said I also must say that the good customer base has been infiltrated by people looking to rip the vendor off or just get something free. But I have an excellent tip for you baby boomers that will just fit perfectly into your future or present needs, and that is mobility issues. There is a company out there that still truly believes in the phase "C U S T O M E R S E R V I C E" it's appropriate name is Scooter Link and it is based in Tampa Florida. If you have a mobility issue check out all the other vendors and then come and talk with a representative from Scooter Link. I just recently had reason to include this company's inventory in consideration of a mobility issue and they actually astonished me. They were so polite and honest that I in my mind I thought this is too good to be true and so it must not be. Well I was very wrong about my thinking pattern and made a purchase from them with outstandingly excellent customer service and a really good feeling in my heart that I was still appreciated. I literally checked all the rest of the well-known companies for mobility issues and they all came up very short of the mark except for this company and to boot I got an excellent deal on the product I was buying to the tune of a savings (over the other companies) of around a $1000.00. Seriously and I mean seriously give them a try and you will not be sorry that your family got to know their family.
Thank you

James in Wisconsin


I just love my Monster from Heartway. It is SUPER!. It will climb a tree. I have been disabled since I was 5 and this is the nicest scooter I have ever had.
Thank you

Les in Washington


Scooter Link:
Thank you for the replacement caster. This is why I will continue to do business with your company. You always put your customers first and you have helped me several times with technical support and parts replacement.
Thank you

John in Maryland


Scooter Link,
I thank you for stepping up and taking care of the service issue, and refund. In this day and age it is a pleasure to work with someone who takes pride in how he does business and puts the customer first. I am happy that I purchased my wife's power chair from you, and I look forward to working with you for her future needs.
Again, Thanks



Hello Joe:
Rarely do people take the time to commend or thank others in a genuine way. But it comes easy to criticize or be demanding. So I just wanted to say thank you very much for making the delivery of my order happen yesterday. You treated my small order as if it was a large expensive one. And although it wasn't a big order, it was very important for my aunt to have the wheels for her vacation! So I do thank you extremely for treating me with the importance that you did.

Brian, Orlanda,FL





Dear Mr. LoPinto,
I just received my refurbished Jazzy mobility chair yesterday afternoon an have not gotten to really test it out much, but what little I did, I have to tell you. It is above and beyond my expectations of what a rebuilt one would be like. You have gone above and beyond what most others would have. I am totally impressed with the quality and that you and your staff put into redoing this chair. As well as the price. I am thrilled beyond words at how wonderful this chair looks and works.
I needed a faster chair than my old one was and you provided exactly what I need. Now I will be able to go out with confidence and know I am secure in the equipment I am using knowing it isn't going to leave me stranded in harms way.
My other chair was a second hand one that friends bought for me so I could get out with them again as I had not been able to for some time due to MS plus congestive heart and lung failure plus other health issues. It did open my life back up and I will forever be grateful for the first chair and to my friends for their generosity and kindness. The first chair is very slow and a bit smaller than this new chair I just received from you and I felt threatened each time crossing parking lots because I couldn't go very fast and get out of oncoming vehicles way fast enough nor cross any streets due to their width and street light changes. People don't have much patience any more with slow moving objects. They get upset and impatient. I did feel threatened several times.
With this wonderful new chair you rebuilt and sold me I feel like the world has opened up even bigger than before. Thanks so much to you and your crew!
It's so nice to deal with honest folks like you who believe in quality and Integrity, as well as honesty which you have plenty of. God Bless you all and "THANK YOU" once again! I am impressed and more than satisfied with my chair and your company. I WILL recommend you and your services to everyone who will listen! My world is OPENED Up AGAIN! Thank You Thank You! FOLKS ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE, you will be satisfied!!!!

Diana from SunValley, Nevada


Just a HUGE praise for your service and helpfulness. Just a phone call and our needs are taken care of. I am SO glad that I bought my lift chair and my power wheelchair from you, as I am confident in your service. I have recommended you to so many people, and will continue to do it! Thanks for making it possible for me to have the helpful products I need for a manageable price. I am forever grateful.

Carolyn in WI

Thank you so much the jazzy chair i just received today was way more than i was expecting you told me you do not buy junk and you surly proved that and the cost nobody could come close to when i first ordered the chair i was not expecting it to look so nice for the price you are a very honest and trust worthy person in my eyes. So for all you people in need of a product that this company sells you should order it from here because you will get what you pay for and then some. Once again, thank you. If i ever need anything or know anybody else who dose i will do my best to make sure it is purchased from your store!

Richard in CA

Good morning,

I just wanted to let you know my client is very happy! She said the technician was very good and very kind.
The power chair is working! I reiterated she needs to keep it charged.
Thanks for your assistance and have a great weekend.

Annemieke in TX

Joe LoPinto, of Scooter Link, is obviously from another planet, and not from Earth! The customer care and service he provides is "out of this world." Joe is sincere, honest and genuine. He goes that "extra mile" to satisfy his customers. No, I don't work for Joe...I am an old retired command sergeant major who was very fortunate to purchase a scooter from him. I highly recommend him if you want "peace of mind" buying a scooter. His prices are highly competitive. I wish him continued success.

Robert, CSM, US Army, Retired, Tucson, AZ

The chair (scout convertible) arrived Wednesday and outstanding in every way. We're very impressed by your service on the phone, the timely delivery of the chair and the product's quality. We can heartily recommend you and your company to anyone. Could you please mail an invoice with itemized figures on your company's official statement form so we can apply for reimbursement from insurance? Thank you. The chair has made a tremendous differnece in mother's world.

Don from New York

Just a few words to say how pleased I am with the lift and everything from when I placed the order to the install which was by far second to none. Your installer Walter did a real first rate professional install....couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I would highly recommend Scooter Link to anyone who is need of your products and services.


Terry Beans
T.Beans (AOE-1)
U.S.N. 67~69

I spoke with you a few weeks ago regarding a Harmar 550 Lift for my aunt. She contacted you and placed the order. The lift arrived VERY quickly and my husband installed it quickly and easily; just as you had explained. I appreciate your wonderful advice and super customer service!

I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone I know requiring any of your products in the future. It is refreshing to find a great company with a top notch representative, such as yourself. Please know you are most appreciated!

Most Sincerely,

Casey from Washington

Hello, Joe!

We think of you every single time we use our power chair and wonder how you're doing. And how is your mother doing? I hope very well.

Joe, we don't know how to thank you for helping us choose the Pace Saver 4.5 power chair. It is EXACTLY what we needed. We've had it a year and a half now, and it has exceeded our expectations in every way.

Perhaps you remember that I have MS but am still ambulatory. So I didn't need a chair for in the house. I can get around just fine. I just can't walk for long distances. So we were looking for a chair that would help me in places where I would otherwise not have the strength or stamina to get around. (At the time, you may recall, we were hoping to make a trip to Yellowstone National Park, where there are lots of paved paths and long walks that, without a power chair, I would not be able to negotiate.)

Our trip to Yellowstone didn't pan out, but this chair has opened up my world, Joe! Before this chair came into my life, I wasn't able to shop, or go to a museum, or "take a walk through the park." Now I can!

We live in a very rural area. Our closest city is 90 miles away. So use the chair when we go on day-long shopping trips. The chair allows me to "shop 'til I drop"!

Earlier this summer, we took it on a road trip, and I was able to visit museums for the first time in decades, without my legs giving out! In my chair, I could actually spend my time enjoying the museums, rather than constantly looking around for a place to sit down.

But, best of all, we were able to use the chair when we went camping this summer. We love Nature, so we went to a little U.S. Forest Service campground at a high-mountain lake. We were there for weeks. The chair allowed me to get around the campground, enjoy the paved trails, and even go up and down a steep road down to the lake! And I mean it was a STEEP road!!! Not only did the chair keep me safe with its automatic braking, the braking recharges the chair's battery -- which was super, since it must have taken quite a bit of juice to get me back up that hill!

In short, we could not be happier with this chair, Joe. Or with you and your patience, as you helped us identify the features we would need or not need and then select the chair that would best fit our needs.

It was a bit scary to purchase a chair sight unseen, but as soon as we opened the box, we were impressed with the quality of its construction -- before we ever even turned it on and tried it out!!! The smallest details are well designed and tended to. And the chair continues to impress us, with every challenge it conquers so easily.

I still look at other chairs I see people in, and oh, I'm glad I have the Pace Saver! Pace Saver's quality FAR exceeds that of any other chair we've seen! It's the absolute best. We got our money's worth, and then some!

And we have been very happy with every accessory we purchased from you, Joe. It's obvious you have done your homework and selected the best products out there. (You may remember our crazy experience purchasing a car carrier from another source, because it was less expensive. We're so glad we sent that one back and bought from you instead! What a huge difference in quality! That less expensive one would have broken down quickly.)

Thank you, Joe. And thank you Pace Saver. You have changed our world -- and for the better! Much, much better!


Karen from Washington State

I wish to take the time to thank Troy very much for his telephone call and professional and personal attitude in helping to reach resolution to my situation. My hats off to Troy and his P.R.

Damon in Ca.

This is the second time that I used Scooter Link to buy a Victory Pride Scooter and Harmar AL600 Lift. Their staff has always been very helpful. All questions are respected, investigated, and answered. I plan on using Scooter Link again.

When Troy prepares an estimate for me, he follows up immediately with a detailed email quote. I recommend Scooter Link for both price and service.

Disabled in Indiana

My Amigo RD arrived today and is fully functional. Thanks for the great service, it was a pleasure to do business with you.

Glenn from Mooresville, NC

The Wife loves the new scooter. She has been unable to drive for more than 3 years. She can only walk very short distances with her cane and then pays with several days on a heating pad to recover. Wheelchair works when I can take her, but now, oh WOW! She has some freedom.

Thank you.

I now know why the Joe I placed my order with works for no commission. After looking over the website and reading the great story about Evel, and the son of 'Joe' it became clear.

Tony, TX

Hi Troy

A note to tell you what a pleasure it was buying my lift online from you. You are a credit to your employer. Looking forward to hearing from your stepdad/photographer. He will find how much good advice he can get from seasoned photographers as myself, online.


Ed & Lenora, LA
Imaginative Photography

I would just like you to know that I received my chair 2 days ago and I am very thrilled with it. My invoice number was 5637. I would also like to thank the young man that assisted me in choosing just the right chair for me. His name is Troy and he was a wonderful source of information and handled my questions and concerns with the greatest of ease. He was a giant help to me and I appreciate it so much. Thanks again for allowing me to get a great chair for a great price. Please share my delight with future customers.

A very happy customer,

Barb. Gansevoort, NY

Just wanted to send a note thanking Joe LoPinto for his excellent help in purchasing my wife's scooter. He answered all my questions and was very helpful on issues I didn't understand.

It arrived yesterday afternoon via UPS ahead of schedule. I had it unpacked, assembled and charged in time for my wife to take a test drive before dinner.

She was very pleased with it. Everything was as promised and in excellent condition.

Thank you very much,

Roy, Wichita, KS

I want to send my compliments to Joe LoPinto in the sales department. He wasn't just interested in selling a scooter, he was interested in selling me the RIGHT scooter for my husband.

He spent a long time on the phone with me answering all of my questions. He even got the manufacturer on the phone with us to check some things he wasn't sure about. It made me feel like a valuable customer.

Thanks Joe!

Gwynne, Brookhaven, PA


I would like to thank Joe for selling me a used Palmer Twosome, as it was way nicer than I thought it would be and also Jack at the Palmer factory for all his help--I would not think twice about buying from these guys again and definitely would recommend them to everyone . -Once again thanks .--

Terry, Ontario, Canada

Dear Joe:

Thank you very much for your prompt, and very FAIR, resolution. You and your company will continue to receive high praise from us and we will continue to steer customers your way with confidence.


Ronald C. Newberry Springs, CA

Thank you for shipping the Scooter PRIDE LEGEND, it is very nice, my son Nicolas enjoys riding. I also received the Invoice, thank you.

Patricio, Miami, Florida

Good morning, Joe,

I just wanted to tell you that our carrier arrived yesterday. What a huge difference in quality from the other one we purchased online!!! We're delighted with it! In fact, we're taking it on our first overnight trip this weekend! I took my power chair outside in the "wilds" of our garden and pasture yesterday. It's full of little obstacles, holes, etc. The chair performed like a dream! I'm so happy with it! We think of you often, Joe, and are so grateful for all of your help. All of your products seem first rate.

Thank you so much,

Karlen, Washington

I purchased a power chair for my mother recently and I would like to thank you for the couteous and professional manner in which you assisted me. The chair was delivered VERY quickly and functional. I will recommend your company to anyone. Please keep up the good work!

Thank you Joe for you help.

Pamela, New York

Hello Joe,

Thank you for making me happy. The chair arrived safely. The truck driver was so nice and brought it right into the house for me. Now all I need is for my husband to come home from rehab.

Thank you for all your kind help.

Corinne, East Boothbay, Maine

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to let you know my Mom received her chair and loves it! Having a petite chair makes such a difference when you are 4'9" tall! Thanks for everything!

Suzanne, Oconomowoc, WI

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