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by Roll-A-Ramp
The Roll-A-Ramp 30” Scooter and wheelchair Ramp is so versatile it allows you to choose your desired length from 3’ to 13’ and if 13’ is not long enough for you you can add more length in increments of 1’ to meet your desired length. This ramp is available in virtually ANY length that means you get what YOU need not what’s available. Extremely durable uniquely constructed of aircraft quality anodized aluminum for superior strength and flexibility. Roll-A-Ramp 30” Ramp is a strong and safe portable scooter and wheelchair ramp that sets up and stores easily away allowing convenient access to and from vehicles, buildings or home. This ramp will never become obsolete it changes with your changing needs.
Price shown is for 3' x 30" Ramp - Other sizes are available
Shipping Included in Continental US

Can be used as a vehicle or a home access ramp
Van conversions are not needed for a Roll-a-Ramp wheelchair ramp.
Any Length is Possible: Ramp length can be easily changed by adding or subtracting links
Affordable alternative to costly conversions and lifts
Take a section off a longer ramp, add an Approach Plate and use as a second shorter ramp to take with you. When you get home, simply hook it back on.
ADA compliant wheelchair ramp
An additional 20% off this ramp with purchase of any Electric Wheelchair or Scooter

  • Weight Capacity : 1000 LBS
  • Ramp Weight : 16 LBS
  • Usable Size : 3' x 28"
  • Construction : Aircraft quality aluminum

How a Roll-a-Ramp works
Roll-a-Ramp Overview
Roll-a-Ramp -- Using to loading a vehicle
1' x 30" Additional Link   (31302)   (Add +$168.00)
  Add an addition 1' link to your 30" wide ramp
26" Reducer End Plate for 30" Ramp   (3220)   (Add +$172.00)
  Reduces a 30" ramp down to 26"
30" Load Bearing Upper Approach Plate   (3235)   (Add +$202.00)
  Allows for placement on edge of landing
Standard 30" Approach Plate   (A45237-30)   (Add +$98.00)
  Add an Approach Plate to any ramp section to make multiple ramps
30" Angled Mount Bracket   (Add +$338.00)
  90 degree angle bracket and mounts on the edge of the surface. Ramps folds into door.
30" Flat Surface Mount Bracket   (3300)   (Add +$308.00)
  Installs onto any flat surface. Ramp folds into door
Seg (Z) Mount Brackets (pair)   (3150)   (Add +$72.00)
  Mounts to front of landing. Allows for smooth level transition to landing. Ramp lifts out for quick removal. Ramp brackets allow for easy temporary mounting to any landing surface. The ramp's top approach plate simply slips into bracket at 90 degrees and removes in seconds. Brackets not necessary for all applications & are optional. Using these your ramp can be installed to be level with the surface of your landing. Can be used in wood, concrete or metal.
Flat Surface Mount Bracket (pair)   (3415)   (Add +$80.00)
  Temporary mount to any flat surface. Rivets or screws to surface/truck tailgate, etc.
Quick Release Pins (pair)   (3255)   (Add +$46.00)
  Allows any ramp to be separated into sections for easy handling/storage or to make multiple ramps.
Support Stands, Short (pair)   (3612-S)   (Add +$262.00)
  Required for ramps over 12’ (adjusts from 9.5” to 14”) (pair)
Support Stands, Long (pair)   (3612-L)   (Add +$276.00)
  Required for ramps over 12’ (adjusts from 16.5” to 27.5”) (pair)
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